Posting an Image in Member Photos (or somewhere else)

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Posting an Image in Member Photos (or somewhere else)

Post  Admin on Fri Jun 27, 2008 9:11 am

Hi, If ur having problems with uploading an image you should continue reading.

First You have to upload your chosen picture at
when you upload your picture at you will get a list of links. Image, BBCode, HTML and Direct Link
From those you chose to copy the DIRECT LINK.

Now, Go to Member photos, press the New Topic button.

Write your Subject to something like "This is me, Anna" or whatever you want. It's preferred if you put in your username in the subject(makes it easier to overlook).

Now, you'll have a lot of icons above the main typing window. (B, I, U, S and so on..) about in the middle you have an icon that looks like a little image.(not the one with a floppy on) to the left of the chain icon. however, press it and you'll get up a little square that shows a chain(link). Just paste your DIRECT LINK adress there. and press ok.

Now you're done, unless you want to type a little message for the watchers, you can do that either above or under the link. do not write in it!

Hope this help if you are lost! I know I was the first time I tried to upload a picture here! GL guys n Girls!

// Hktc I love you Very Happy queen

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