New rules as of april 2009

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New rules as of april 2009

Post  Axcelion on Sat Apr 25, 2009 5:44 pm

I Barloc am the new leader
we are no longer a pk legion, those pking ppl not in designated areas will be kicked the second i hear about it
those ppl who choose to disobey me remember i have eyes all over eo who will tell me what your doing
as of the moment the only places you can pk are at gobi and cata (subject to change without notice)
Dep positions are full i gave them to ppl i trust
- no bitching about wanting to be a higher position, in this leg you work for your keep
- also dont join and just leave cause i wont promote you.... leg hoppers are banned the second they leave in order to return they have to pay a restitution fee of 1 mill gold and 5 eps.
- if i kick you from your rank and you find it unjust talk to me or the deps
- if you want your title back after losing it it will cost as follows
dep- 15 mill and 25 eps
leader secretary - 5 mill and 5 eps
if for any reason i kick you and you want back in, after being found guilty you have to do a probationary period of 2 weeks and pay restitution on 20 million gold and 35 eps..
no pking allies those found guilty of this treason will be banned permanently. no matter how powerful you are!
you may think this as unfair and unjust well i give everybody a chance, innocent until proven guilty!

May you all triumph and gain many riches. king
Always read the forum and keep up on your updates making sure you are not tarnishing our great legion!

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